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This is page is intended to be a quick reference guide
for new parishioners who want to learn about the
difference aspects of our parish life. It's also
a handy reference guide for any member
who wants to refresh their memory or
learn about something new.

St. Mary of Magdala Church
Mission Statement

We are an ecumenical community,
the Body of Christ, St. Mary of Magdala Church.
As the Church in this place at this time,
We are called to:
Gather for Worship;
Cherish our living Catholic Tradition;
Witness the Gospel; and
Minister to others as Christians in the world.
All are welcome here.


Want to learn about the history of St. Mary of Magdala Church?

How is SMMC goverened?   Who's in charge?

What is the Communal Discernment Process all about?

What is the annual financial commitment process in November?

What is the 3 Year Plan begun in 2016?

What is our Charitable Giving Fund all about?             2017 Charitable Gift Fund Submission Form

Also see:  Charitable Giving Fund Guidelines

What is the Transition Fund about?  Our Capital Campaign?

The Capital Campaign of 2013 and the Transition Fund were established by the parish in an effort to plan for the future.  An advisory committee set up by the parish recommended that we undertake this effort, and established other plans and recommendations that were accepted by the parish community.  Click above to see the full overview.

What is behind how we celebrate Mass each Sunday?

Our weekly Mass is a celebration of all who are present, led by one of our presiders (ordained priests).  We use the Sacramentary from the Roman Catholic Church, also known as the Mass of Pope Paul VI.  That was in use by the Roman Church from Vatican II through the end of the 2012 Liturgical Year.  The Roman Church then changed to the new Roman Missal.  Our community, like many other independent Catholic communities around the country, made  the decision to continue using the Sacramentary. 

Our weekly celebrations are carefully planned and crafted, following the Liturgical Year celebrated by the worldwide Christian community.  The first part of the Mass is the Liturgy of the Word, which includes the opening rites, the readings from Scripture, and the homily.  It is our usual custom for the trained homilist to offer a brief homily focusing on the opening up the message from the Word;  the homilist then invites anyone to share a brief reflection on the readings.    We then recite the Creed, our Parish Mission Statement, and the Prayers of the Faitfhful.  The second part of the Mass is the Liturgy of the Eucharist, again led by the presider.  This includes the preparation of the table, the Eucharistic Prayer, Commuion (where all are welcomed to Jesus' table), and the closing rites. 

Music forms an integral part of our worship, helping us to join our minds, hearts, and words as one in sung prayer.  It too, is carefully chosen to fit the right part of the liturgy, enhance the tone or the season, and help us to more deeply celebrate as one. 

The space in which we worship is also carefully developed.  It was inherited from Evensong which Jim and Marie operated.  The seating is known as "choir style" with the people facing each other.  The "table of the Word" (the ambo or lectern) is at one end;  the table of the Eucharist (the altar) is at the other end.  The presence of Christ is known in the people (the assembly), in the Word proclaimed, and in the Eucharist.  

To learn more about the norms behind how we worship click on the underlined title to read Art and Environmet  in Catholic Worship.



St. Mary of Magdala Church, Inc. is a 501 (C) (3) Organization.
Our Ecumenical Catholic Community
meets at
Evensong Retreat Center, 326 Lower County Road, Harwich Port, MA 02646

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