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St. Mary of Magdala Church has its roots in a group of year-round Cape residents who were searching for for a place where they could worship in a way which cherished their Catholic roots while maintaining an open and welcoming attitude toward all.  In 2005 such a community that worshipped this way used to gather weekly in Harwich Port, and gradually more and more people began to attend.

As the years passed. members of the community began to recognize the call from God to form themselves as an Ecumenical Catholic Community.  They discovered that they were no longer simply “attending Mass,”  but had come to care for one another and develop relationships.

At a meeting on May 17, 2009, the community reached the decision that it would henceforth be known as St. Mary of Magdala Church, An Ecumenical Catholic Community. In 2011 St. Mary of Magdala Church was incorporated as a non-profit entity in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In early 2013 we received recognition from th IRS as a 501 (c)3 organization.  In 2010 St. Mary of Magdala Church formally called Rev. Marie David and Most Rev. Jim David to serve as its co-pastors.

St. Mary of Magdala Church is Catholic in its heritage and worship, while Ecumenical in its makeup and outreach to the wider community.  It is affiliated with the Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of New England.   We gather to celebrate Mass each Satruday afternoon at 4;00pm, at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in East Harwich, and all are welcome to join us. Click here for directions.

More information is available below, or feel free to contact a member of the pastoral team (see below).  Everyone is welcome to join us for worship, and if you are interested in joining our parish one of our pastors will be happy to set up a time to speak with you.

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We are an ecumenical community,
The Body of Christ, St. Mary of Magdala Church.
As the Church in this place at this time, 
We are called to:
Gather for worship;
Cherish our living Catholic Tradition;
Witness the Gospel; and
Minister to others as Christians in the world.
All are welcome here.


Our Pastoral Staff

Rev. Jim David

Rev. James David, M.Div.

508-737-1899   | Email Jim

Rev. Marie David

Rev. Marie David, M.Ed.

508-737-2883   |   Email Marie

Deacon Ann O'Callaghan

Rev. Mrs. Ann O'Callaghan,

Email Ann

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Kathy Carpenter,

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Kathy RigordaEva,